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As California Goes, So Goes the Nation? U.S. Demographic Change and the Latino Vote

CCEP Report - Supportive Materials - Maps, Charts and Appendix

This report presents new CCEP research that addresses how demographic change in the U.S. is impacting the nation's political landscape. The 2012 general election generated considerable discussion about the current and future demographic make-up of the U.S. electorate. Much of this attention focused on how growing numbers of U.S. Latinos might generate a larger share of Latino voters, and what their influence might be on the political process. How Latinos vote, how often they vote, and how that vote will grow in the coming years has significant implications for both national and local politics, potentially remaking the nation’s “red-blue map,” and giving Latinos a greater voice in the political decision-making process.

This report provides a detailed overview of the U.S. and California’s changing population composition, while also documenting the historical and current racial and ethnic disparities in voter turnout present within our electoral system.