2015 Presentations

2015 CCEP.jpg

The following are some of this year's CCEP presentations:

November 3, 2015: United Latinos

September 29, 2015: CCEP Legislative Briefing at the CA State Capitol

September 21, 2015: Woodland League of Women Voters, Woodland, CA

September 17, 2015: All-Ivy Civic Engagement Panel, San Francisco, CA

September 2, 2015: CCEP Webinar on the CA Latino and Asian-American Vote

July 9, 2015: Mindy Romero presents new CCEP research on the Latino and Asian-American vote at the Leadership California Institute, Sacramento, CA

July 8, 2015: CCEP at the University of California Center, Sacramento, CA

May 12, 2015: HOPE- Latina Action Day, Sacramento, CA

March 25, 2015: California Legislature - Joint Session of the Assembly and Senate Elections Committees

March 24, 2015: WEBINAR presentation on the California 2014 Youth Vote

February 19, 2015: Future of California Elections Conference - CCEP Director, Mindy Romero, presents new research on Disparities in the use of vote-by-mail in California.

January 31, 2015: California Votes - A Post-Mortem on the 2014 Election, The Institute of Governmental Studies,University of California, Berkeley 

January 22, 2015: CCEP Research Release Event hosted by Brigade, San Francisco, CA (pictured above right)