Voter Turnout Trends


Where will young Voters Impact the 2016 Election?

Top 10 States/Districts by Youth Electoral Significance

Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, Director. Noorya Hayat, Researcher. Abby Kiesa, Youth Coordinator and Researcher. Felicia Sullivan, Senior Researcher. 

July 22, 2016


Voter Registration:  

An International Perspective

Eve Robert

April 21, 2009


Federal Primary Election Runoffs and Voter Turnout Decline

From Fairvote.Org

August 13, 2009


Democrats Maintain Edge as Party ‘More Concerned’ for Latinos, but Views Similar to 2012

75% have discussed Trump’s comments about Hispanics in the past year

By Mark Hugo Lopez, Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, Jens Manuel Krogstad and Gustavo López

October 11, 2016


Millennials Make Up Almost Half of Latino Eligible Voters in 2016

Youth, Naturalizations Drive Number of Hispanic Eligible Voters to Record 27.3 Million

By Jens Manuel Krogstad, Mark Hugo Lopez, Gustavo López, Jeffrey S. Passel and Eileen Patten

January 19, 2016


Hispanic Voters in the 2014 Election

Democratic Advantage Remains, but Republicans Improve Margin in Some States

By Jens Manuel Krogstad And Mark Hugo Lopez

November 7, 2014


Inside the 2012 Latino Electorate

By Mark Hugo Lopez and Ana Gonzalez-Barrera

June 3, 2013


An Awakened Giant: The Hispanic Electorate is Likely to Double by 2030

By Paul Taylor, Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, Jeffrey s. Passel and Mark Hugo Lopez

November 14, 2012


Latinos in the 2012 Election: California

By Seth Motel And Eileen Patten

October 1, 2012



II. Growing Diversity Among Eligible Voters

By Mark Hugo Lopez and Paul Taylor

April 30, 2009


Hispanics and the 2006 Election
October 2006


Dislike of candidates or campaign issues was most common reason for not voting in 2016

By Gustavo López and Antonio Flores

June 1, 2017


U.S. trails most developed countries in voter turnout

By Drew Desilver

May 15, 2017


Black voter turnout fell in 2016, even as a record number of Americans cast ballots

By Jens Manuel Krogstad and Mark Hugo Lopez

May 12, 2017


More voters will have access to non-English ballots in the next election cycle

By D’vera Cohn

December 16, 2016


Key facts about the Latino vote in 2016

By Jens Manuel Krogstad

October 14, 2016


Many Americans say they voted, but did they?

By Ruth Igielnik

March 10, 2016


The Party of Nonvoters

Younger, More Racially Diverse, More Financially Strapped

October 31, 2014


California’s Missing Voters: Who Is Not Voting and Why

By Eric Mcghee

June 2017